The Oscars air tonight! It’s the biggest award show and obviously we wanted to get in some predictions.

The Oscar Re-List – 00:49

This is a game we played last year too! We pick a category and we get the opportunity to remove something from the nominee list and put in something we feel is more deserving. Very important: we can’t kick something out if we haven’t seen it!

Oscar Predictions  – 13:53

Yup. Jay and I predict who’s gonna win what. We’re probably going to suck. Lol.

Outro – 21:30

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Thank You!

The talented voice, SFX and music artists have made our show possible and we owe them a HUUUUGE thank you.


Darren Osborne, Announcer & Voice Artist

Leslie Seiler, Comedian & Actor –  @Leslie_Seiler

Paul “PK” Kingston, Comedian & Actor – Facebook/PaulPKKingston; @PaulPKKingston

Becky Frame, Voice Talent

Chris Shapcotte, Voice Actor & Photographer – @shapshots

Laura Carney, News Anchor – @LauraMCarney


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