Top 3 Turf War – 00:24

The Dark Tower comes out this Friday so we talk about the best Stephen King adaptations and the Stephen King stories we want to see made or remade again.  

What’s new with us! – 17:53

In America people really do spontaneously break out in patriotic chants. It’s beautiful and also strange (well… for someone who is new to the country).

Interwebs – 20:58

James Franco is known for being a consummate student of life, so it shouldn’t be surprising that he’s launched a youtube channel to bring modern philosophy to the masses.  

Film Freaks – 25:06

We watched Submarine and we’re excited to talk about it.


Next time join us, as we watch What Would Diplo Do.

Series Survival – 33:33

This is the final update for the mid-season predictions. And it’s final… Ivana has won!


Iron Fist (Netflix) – Renewed

Harlots (Hulu) – Renewed

Dear White People (Netflix) – Renewed

Outro – 38:05

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Thank You!

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Becky Frame, Voice Talent

Chris Shapcotte, Voice Actor & Photographer – @shapshots

Laura Carney, News Anchor – @LauraMCarney


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