Top 3 Turf War – 00:25

Unforgettable (starring Rosario Dawson & Katherine Heigl) comes out this Friday. Could it be the movie to bring back the 90’s era thriller? Speaking of which, what are the top 3 90’s Thrillers?

What’s new with us! – 15:34

If you’re in Toronto, you should watch Ivana perform in an event called Fan Fiction on April 20th. You’re not going to want to miss this performance so check out this link.

The Interwebs – 17:25

Netflix retired 5-star ratings in favour of thumbs-up/thumbs-down votes and the concept of a % match. We delve into our own opinions and give you an update of what the interwebs are saying.

Trailer Trash – 23:13

Thor: Ragnerok trailer is dissected.

Top Drawer TV – 27:11

We watched all of Legion, and we’re going to talk about the whole darn thing so get ready and beware of #spoilers.


Next week join us, in watching 13 Reasons Why.

Outro – 41:32

We really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to listen to our first podcast, and we really want to hear from you, good or bad!; facebook/morethanmoviespodcast;

Thank You!

The talented voice, SFX and music artists have made our show possible and we owe them a HUUUUGE thank you.

Darren Osborne, Announcer & Voice Artist

Leslie Seiler, Comedian & Actor –  @Leslie_Seiler

Paul “PK” Kingston, Comedian & Actor – Facebook/PaulPKKingston; @PaulPKKingston

Becky Frame, Voice Talent

Chris Shapcotte, Voice Actor & Photographer – @shapshots

Laura Carney, News Anchor – @LauraMCarney

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SFX are courtesy of Mike Koenig from

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