Pitch a Flick – 00:20

The Girl with All the Gifts comes to theatres this Friday, so Ivana and Jay each pitch a superhero movie that features a little girl and then they must work together to combine the tales. .

What’s new with us!  – 09:48

Introvert vs Extroverts – Jay’s actually an introvert.

Him-Possible & Her-Possible Trivia – 11:39

Ivana and Jay quiz one another, each looking to come up with the craftiest questions.

Top Drawer TV – 16:48

We watched the pilot episode of Santa Clarita Diet, we hope you joined us and are ready for a big discussion. Full disclosure, there are likely spoilers ahead.

Series Survival (Midseason Predictions) – 26:18

We take a look at some trailers for  new series that are coming out and we make predictions! Will the show be renewed for season 2?

Making History (Fox) – pilot airs Mar 5, 2017

The Arrangement (E!) – pilot airs Mar 1, 2017

The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) – pilot airs April 26, 2017

Outro – 31:51

We really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to listen to our first podcast, and we really want to hear from you, good or bad!

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Thank You!

The talented voice, SFX and music artists have made our show possible and we owe them a HUUUUGE thank you.

Darren Osborne, Announcer & Voice Artist

Leslie Seiler, Comedian & Actor –  @Leslie_Seiler

Paul “PK” Kingston, Comedian & Actor – Facebook/PaulPKKingston; @PaulPKKingston

Show music is from BenSound.com (incl. Song titled Pop Dance)

SFX are courtesy of Mike Koenig from SoundBible.com; Phantom from Space Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Newspaper Ticker – http://soundbible.com/1347-Newspaper-Ticker.html

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