Introduction – 00:00

Welcome to the first episode of More than Movies Podcast! We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed producing it.

Top 3 Turf War – 00:41

Top 3 Sexiest Movie Characters

Quick Break – 09:50

Techtiquette – 11:08

Laptops in Office Meetings

There are a lot of opinions about whether people should bring their laptops to meetings – is it a tool or distraction. Ivana and Jay discuss the ins and outs of laptop-meeting etiquette.

Reboot Rumours – 14:58

We talk about Disney Reboots: past, present and future… and our suggestions!

Series Survival (Midseason Predictions) – 22:06

We take a look at some trailers for  new series that are coming out and we make predictions! Will the show be renewed for season 2?


  1. Feud – FX –  Pilot airs Mar 5th
  2. Powerless – NBC – Pilot airs Feb 2*
  3. Santa Clarita Diet – Netflix – Pilot airs Feb 3*


* Episode was recorded on Feb 1, 2017.

Outro – 29:57

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Thank You!

The talented voice, SFX and music artists have made our show possible and we owe them a HUUUUGE thank you.

Darren Osborne, Announcer & Voice Artist

Leslie Seiler, Comedian & Actor –  @Leslie_Seiler

Paul “PK” Kingston, Comedian & Actor – Facebook/PaulPKKingston; @PaulPKKingston

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2 thoughts on “S01E01: Sexiest Characters, Laptop Etiquette, Disney Reboots, Series Survival

  1. Great job, guys!! Gotta say, the Disney remakes need to stop, because its very rare that they actually do it properly, and ADD anything to the original! And, let’s be honest, these classics are just THAT, because of the age of them! You don’t need to re-do, whats already been done, and done well, and if you are, it’s like Disney is saying “that classic was crap, let’s do it better’! Nice insult to the classics…oh, and if they’re NOT trying to insult the originals, they would let people see the new version for FREE. Right?? STOP TRYING TO MAKE MORE MONEY BY INSULTING YOUR OWN CLASSICS!! (rant over)

  2. D – thanks so much for writing! (This is Ivana) I agree that I haven’t fallen in love with any of the remakes. But my guess is that every time a remake is made, Disney makes money from the new movie and also reinvigorates the old movie sales too. It’s a smart financial decision. I don’t think they’re trying to make something better either, just different. I also haven’t fallen in love with these dark remakes, personally. I get what you’re saying, totally.

    Great rant (btw), it made me smile reading it.

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