More than Movies is a podcast about movies, but it's also about soooo much more. This is a high-energy variety show, hosted by two mega-opinionated people who looove movies and TV. Jay and Ivana have been friends forever and after years of debating and obsessing about television and movies, they decided to combine their skills and create a podcast. Each week, Ivana and Jay tackle a wide range of topics starting with the obvious and expanding to technology, comic books, current events and so much more. MTM features a number of rolling segments, designed to bring a wide variety of topics to the podcast.

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S01E19: Documentaries, 6th Mass Extinction, Red Oaks

Top 3 Turf War – 00:23 An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power comes out this week so Jay and Ivana tackle the top 3 best documentaries. What’s new with us!  – 18:52 Jay started a new podcast… Top 12 Movies. It’s App Time – 22:26 There’s a new app that helps blind people by describing […]

S01E18: Manson Movie, Aladdin Cast, Shared Office Space & Jumanji

Categorized – 00:24 We delve into the best movies starting with the Letter “E”. What’s new with us! – 12:49   We’re in different countries! Reboot Rumours  – 16:22 Tarantino gears up to do a film surrounding the Manson murders & partial Disney announces Aladdin cast. Techtiquette – 25:10 Jay is moving to shared office […]

MTM: S01E17 – Break-up Movies, Dear White People & work appropriate social media

Top 3 Turf War – 00:25 This week we tackle the top three best break-up scenes in movies. What’s new with us!  – 23:43 Ivana is moving to America, and so we’re taking a short summer break Techtiquette  – 25:54 Let’s talk co-workers and social media! Top Drawer TV – 31:57 We watched Dear White […]

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Each episode of More than Movies is comprised of a number of different segments that are designed to bring fun and variety to the show. We listed some of our fav's below.

Pitch a Flick

We select a theme, a director an actor or something and then we come up with an awesome movie idea! In the podcast we’ll pitch these movies and then debate over whose idea is best. Generally we can’t decide and so we leave it up to you.

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This Just In… last week

Sometimes current events are so interesting that we can’t help ourselves. Sure, we might be about one week behind on the times – but we like to think that we pick topics that have legs and that you won’t mind hearing about it again.

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Top Drawer TV

We don’t only watch movies, we also love to watch TV! And similarly to Film Freaks, we announce the shows we watch ahead of time so that you can watch them too. Beware: this segment can be filled with spoilers.

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Film Freaks

Remember when we said this was a podcast about more than movies? Well this segment is the movies part. We’ll always reveal the movie we’re watching ahead of time so that you can watch it with us! If you hate spoilers but you love hearing us talk about movies, it might become a prerequisite.

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Series Survival

Every year there are tons of new TV shows that grace our screens, but most of them don’t make it past the first season. So we take a stab at predicting whether a new show (based solely on a trailer viewing) will make it or be thrown out with the trash.

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Reboot Rumours

We can all agree that there are waaaay too many reboots happening in the world of TV and movies. Sure, sometimes there are gems but most of the time they’re duds. Here we highlight a potential reboot and talk about whether it’s going to be good or a disaster, and most importantly whether it should […]

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We ALWAYS want to hear from you, you can reach out to talk about the show, suggest new segment ideas or even tell us how your day went.